Why arehands-1345058_1920 you in business? You must know the ‘Why’ in what what you do. Are you in business to make money, create change, have a job, sell products and services, make people’s day, make things easier for people…?

What is your purpose?  If you don’t know your purpose, neither does your client.  You have to be able to show them a the real raw part of yourself for them to feel any genuine connection.

If you are selling a product that is not differentiated from any other product then your leverage points are few and far between.  Price, free shipping etc…  If you are selling something special, something you want your customer to believe in then you have to sell them on purpose and your ‘Why’.

If you are building a community and relationships this is essential.  If you are on social you need to stand out from all the Noise.  Yes, Noise.  With the volume of material out there, you have to stand out in some way.  To succeed you must show your human side through the total picture of your social media feeds.  You must show a range from the passion for your product to the compassion for the world we live in.  You must connect with real people on a real level.

So spend a little time thinking about your ‘Why’.  Write down the word ‘Why’ and look at it for a while.  Right down ten reasons ‘Why’ you are in business.  Discuss these reasons with friends and family.  Think about ‘Why’ your competitors are in business.  How can you tell the story of your ‘Why’?   It is good to think for a bit.