CEO, President and Queen Poohbah of Buzz Well Media




I started this marketing firm to help build social media connections between small independent companies and their communities.  The key to business success is building connections to customers and stakeholders and must happen where information is being searched and received.   Today’s customer is on social media more than ever before.

Buzz Well’s companies need to be in the mix with their customer-building community, and to humanize their brands.  Buzz Well’s Goal is to help independent companies compete in a social media world to keep their flavors strong, distinct and alive.

I spent the last five years teaching Social Media Marketing and Communications at Stephens College.  Social Media Marketing is a field that is only going to grow and be more vital for all companies.  Before teaching at the College level, I spent 20 years managing companies; focusing on their finance, human resources and business operations.   My combination of skills and experience will help Buzz Well Media make a real difference for clients.

I have a passion for content creation and have, for over two years, been building an active blog following. My blog has been a playground to test techniques and understanding.  Click here to check out the blog.  Now with Buzz Well Media, we will work to provide you with insightful, fun and useful information within our company blogs.

Buzz Well Media, will work with clients that can benefit from our passions, while taking on the challenge of keeping the market place diverse and unique.  Our goal is to make a real difference for independent businesses helping them connect to their community.

Welcome to our team and our journey.  Follow us on your favorite social media.  Contact us if you are interested in Buzz Well Media.