it's always your turn

“When it’s your turn, it’s your turn. You own it. Your choice. Your Freedom. Your Responsibility.”

Seth Godin,

As I recently crossed over a certainly significant level of self-employment, I thought of this quote.

About 8 months ago I started my own business helping small independent business build their buzz on social media. This was a big step and was not without risks. Yet I knew deep inside that it was my turn. It was about my choices, and my responsibilities and my freedom.  I owned it. It was my name and my game.  I worked to develop connections with people that I felt, I could help.  At the end of the day, I was jazzed about the journey. I  worked late nights, was distracted every time a good ideas surface, and I learned from success and failure alike. I began to truly earn my sea legs.   I began building something that would take me and my family forward.

This feeling of entrepreneurship, took a little bit of time for me to become truly aware of. It got stronger over time. Each new client I took on was a new puzzle that had to be solved, a new game, if you will, to learn the rules of.  Yet once the entrepreneurial feeling manifested I began to see it everywhere I looked.

I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment a couple of days ago.  I was listening to a friend go on about their politics at work, about how the system held them back, how no one knew what they were doing, and how they hated each moment of every day.  For many of us this is not a unfamiliar rant.   Many, many people dealt with this reality every day, and it was horrible, unfulfilled and yet somehow safe.  These jobs often paid the bills and provided the benefits.

The moment of clarity came about when I I truly owned that I wanted this crazy entrepreneurial journey. I did not want to be the person being confined by safety and unhealthy work places.  On top of that I enjoyed and wanted to work with others that had taken this leap.  I wanted to work with people who had taken a big chance on starting their own business and needed me to help them succeed.  I needed to help these people build their buzz, so they too could go beyond the corporate work place and provide goods and services without being run by the machine.

So to sum this up… It’s My Turn and It’s Your turn. Its our’s and we can own it. It’s our choices and we can make them. It’s our freedom and we can choose to be free.  It’s our responsibility and we gladly take that on.”

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