When marketing through social media, many brands focus their efforts on younger adults. However, older generations are the fastest growing groups get on social media today.  These new comers see social a little differently and may be looking for different things.  Ron Ihler, a pipefitter and father of two (including the blog writer – Buzz Well Media Intern), was very slow to bring social media into his life. He would consider himself a brand champion for Panhead Billy’s (a bbq joint located in Fulton, Missouri) and Solar Roadways and follows these brands on social.

So how does a brand attract the new comers to social media? Here is an interviewed to give you an idea of where this client sits on social media usage. .

1) What social media websites are you on?


2) How many hours a week do you spend on social media?

About 5 hours a week (he does not count the time he spends waiting for stuff to load, there was a brief debate about if 5 hours was accurate or if it was greater). lol

3) What motivated you to get on social media?

Keeping up with my family and what’s going on in their lives.

4) What does a brand have to do to get you involved in social media?

I really like a brand and they encourage me to like them on Facebook.

The brand has ideas that I am passionate about and are socially, economically, and morally sound.

5) What is the best way for a brand to gain your loyalty?

Consistency is helpful in gaining my loyalty.

6) What kind of content do you or would you like to see on social media?

Coupons and special announcements.

7) What do you find annoying from brands on social media?

Pop-ups, horoscopes, Facebook game invites, and angels. When you click on a link and it takes you to the google play store and it takes you to an app that isn’t what you are looking at.

This new audience presents a great opportunity for brands to gain a foothold and build loyal customers.