white-board-593370_1920Is your company in need of a social media boost?  Do you have great people working for you but feel they need a little help in the world of social media marketing?  Do you want to drive customers, loyalty and brand awareness?

Well Buzz Well is here to help.  Let us coach your employees, helping them learn the tricks and twists of Social Media Marketing.  We will do training, help manage campaigns, and give advice.  This service can range from one on one consulting to group training.  We do webinars or in person sessions.  We can tailor training specifically for your company or you can join one of our on-line training webinars.

Many people say social media is free. However it is anything but free. It costs hours of valuable time.  This time may be your own or your staff members. Yet it must reflect the brand your company represents.  It must be consistent, branded and humanized.  We know that payroll can be up to 85% of most businesses costs.  Don’t let that time drip through your fingers.  Get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Give us a call or email to learn more about how we can help you build your buzz.