Do you want to do your own social media. Do you want to be the one pushing the button to publish and be the voice of your company.  You can be that person, however you may need a little coaching to feel confident in your voice.  You may question if you have the skills and time to take this on.  Buzz Well Media can help, we can be your coach.  We can help you focus on connections, engagement and content.

In social media it is important that the voice being heard be the integrated with the voice  customer will interact with. If someone in your business be the brand on social then coaching and consulting will get you where they need to be.

We work with clients by helping them discover how to best represent themselves on social.  We help them find engaging content and learn how to present it to their target market.  We also develop and implement marketing campaigns to increase engagement.

Often client wish to learn enough to be able to take off on their own representing their brand in new and engaging ways.  This is a healthy process that can lead to strong genuine engagement.

Buzz Well Media’s coaching process starts with an initial assessment of your needs and skills. We then meet with you twice a month and help you build the skills to represent and humanize your brand.  Through this process you will find your brands voice and learn how to listen to and connect with your customer.