So this journey has jumped into the waves with spirit.  The winds are with us and the clients seem to be coming organically our way.  We are learning the process of what will work with each client as they join Buzz Well Media.

The crew of interns are busy at work researching, writing content, finding good content to share, and designing graphics.  I am so proud of them all for their hard work.  They are being pulled in so many directions at once and are riding the tides well.sea-holiday-vacation-water

We are now working with a restaurant, a store, a film, a heritage tomato seed, a sewing cafe, a bar/music school,  and our own branding.   Each client is in a very different situation with it’s own strengths and challenges.  We are all learning as the communities of followers react to content.  I believe in content and I believe it brings people together.  We can not underestimate the power of carefully contextualized and curated content.

So for each client the audience is being considered and content is being developed.  So far the main platform that we are using is Facebook, however Instagram is starting to show it’s power for the millennials.

The situation is quite critical however as I am teaching over the summer and way over utilized.  In 3 weeks time, the teaching will be done and I will be able to push the fast forward button on Buzz Well.  Meanwhile the website is coming along, content is being edited and developed and we are getting very close to officially launching the on line presence.  This must happen well timed.  It is coming along fast and I am just about ready to let that baby sail.

So things are heating up and thankfully the clients are coming on board with pirate spirits.  Ahoy! Out to the big blue sea we go.  See you on board.