Marketing StrategyI am an idea person. In a networking meeting, I am the one that comes up with great marketing ideas and feedback.  I have worked for years as a professor or marketing and strategic communication as well as an industry professional. I can focus my skills and talent on your business to help you tell your story.  You need to own your story and bring it to your people where they consume media.

As many of my clients are usually small business owners, they usually have an interesting story of why they got into their industry or business.  This story is the root of the business and must be carried forward in their vision, actions and marketing content.

Some times a client needs help in one specific area, however often a client needs a full marketing evaluation to move towards success and achieving goals. They need to bring their story out to the public and understand the ‘why’ of their business.

With Most clients I do an in-depth marketing evaluation.  I like to sit down with my clients and ask them about themselves and their business.  I ask about their hopes and dreams, their motivations and path, their successes and their challenges.   It can often take a couple of sessions to get a full picture of where they are today and where they want to be.

During this process I evaluate their marketing, existing media, their competition and their industry.  From this I gain some insight into the environment the business is functioning in and how to use marketing to reach their goals. This process inevitably dives further into what makes them tick, and why they are worthy of sharing their products or services.  They must believe in their own story before they can tell it.

With a framework we then discuss objectives and dive into what the business really wants and needs to accomplish to be successful.  Some businesses are concerned with driving traffic while others are working on championing a message or cause.  Once this is ascertained it is time to figure out some paths to action to help meet the objectives. .