Draft #2In another article, I talked about rebuilding a ruined reputation. I mentioned that it is easier to maintain a positive reputation than to fix a negative one. It is also easier to change a neutral reputation to a good one. This article features six ways to maintain and build a positive reputation.

1) Keep an eye out for complaints about your brand on social media

Have someone to keep an eye on what’s going on in your social media channels, and what people are talking about. Often times, when people have a complaint, they will take it to social media. You can catch complaints that weren’t directly reported or didn’t make it to you. Use social media as an opportunity to reach out to disgruntled customers, before the situation gets out of hand.

2) Do extra for your customers.

Interact with your customers beyond responding to complaints. Share content they created for the brand. Thank them for positive comments. This makes the customers feel good about being brand champions, and sometimes they’ll spread word about their experiences.

3) Apologize and correct mistakes and problems quickly.

Even the most well respected and beloved brands have made mistakes or experienced crises. Sometimes, issues will come up that were not even your company’s fault. A mistake does not have to ruin your brand’s reputation, and handling a crisis well can improve your brand’s reputation. Own up to mistakes quickly, remedy the situation and avoid reputation-ruining damage, instead of having to rebuild a shattered legacy in the future.

4) Do good with your brand or product.

Help out your community, sponsor events or provide free products. This helps make you a part of the community. Being part of the community also personalizes your brand. Help in both local and regional capacities, team up with a major and well-loved charity.  If you have the resources, you can create a charitable branch with your brand. This is a good way to enhance and maintain a good reputation.

5) Have good design.

This might seem unrelated to reputation building and maintenance, but it isn’t. One of the first things people will judge you on is the appearance and navigability of your media. A brand that looks ugly and has a website that is frustrating to navigate is going to have a harder time building a good reputation. Plus, design sends a message. It tells the audience what your brand is and who you are. Good design make your company look more legitimate and reputable.

6) Provide a quality product or service.

This is the most important item on this list, and it is the best way to maintain a positive reputation. Quality products and services are able to gain and maintain good reputations, while their poorer counterparts are unable to keep up.