nicoleWorking for a start-up company has been very exciting. First of all, this is my second experience working in marketing. I previously worked in the marketing department at Stephens College. There are many ways that my experiences working for a start-up company are different than working for an established marketing presence.

All of my other jobs had a physical workplace. Working at home is an interesting experience. I have to prioritizes tasks and guide myself through work. I am given more freedom than in an office setting. The greater freedom has been nice, I enjoy being able to work at my own pace during the times that are best for me.

Things also move much faster in a start-up business. At every meeting we’ve had, I found myself amazed with how fast things were moving, how many new clients and a how many cool marketing ideas everyone came up with. Things change and move faster than in an established company, and I get to be a part of it.

Helping to build a company from the ground-up has been an exciting experience. When was first invited to intern for Buzzwell, it had no corporate email, the domain had not been purchased, and our name was not yet official. Now we have all of these things. It was exciting, building something instead of simply adding to it. The content I create really matters, that each article I write is key to building our new brand.

My ideas are also important in building the company. I like that I have an impact in the way Buzzwell does things. My suggestions are listened and taken seriously. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help build a new company.