Most major corporations nowadays have social media accounts. Some are good, some are mediocre, and are some  are just bad.  Here are some of them that I like the most:

Facebook: Burt’s Bees

This Facebook page shows off a wide variety of Burt’s Bee’s products. The page is so interactive. Burt’s Bees uses polls to gage customer interest. Customer contests are a regular thing and a great example of interactive marketing. There is a lot of  information for customers, and the page mods answer questions and complaints. This page uses many of Facebook’s strengths, reaching a wide variety of consumers.

Pinterest: Lowes

I’m not really much of a Pinterest girl, but I love the Lowes’s page. First of all, Pinterest is a great marketing vehicle choice for Lowes, as it matches the do-it-yourself, try-new-projects image the Lowes brand portrays. It gives the customers project ideas, while providing incentives for the customer to buy things. There are a wide variety of different boards, so customers can look at do-it-yourself projects that interest them. The projects are all very interesting and helpful for do-it-yourselfers. I especially like their gardening ideas.

Twitter: Skittles

Skittles attempts to maintain a quirky brand image in its advertising. The twitter page helps with this. The tweets are often irreverent and witty; however, most also tie in with the product. In addition, the people running the account respond to tweets about themselves and post fan-made content. It’s a great twitter account that is a lot of fun, very funny and a little odd. (is fun, and very funny?)

Tumblr: Denny’s

Tumblr is a bit of a neglected social media platform for corporations. But there is one brand that saw this gap, decided to go for it and is succeeding spectacularly. Tumblr is a social media platform with a very distinct culture and brand of humor. The Denny’s Tumblr understands the culture perfectly, creating weird, quirky puns and gifs on its account. The people running it respond to being mentioned and answer Asks sent in by the websites users, in a manner fitting the tone.