What is in a Name?

Name Word App

Lordy, Lordy, picking a name was not an easy quest and was a lot deeper of a journey than I thought.  As the very idea of Buzz Well Media was born I had to give it a name that would carry us forward like a magic carpet.  Picking a name would give us definition but also made it real.  I knew that once I had a name, I could create the virtual personality that would be my company.

So I started thinking just about words and the kinds of words that people like to hear.   I used Google Trends explore function and compared trends in words. http://www.google.com/trends/   I went to www.namescheep.com to look for the .com I wanted.  I went to US Gov trademark search site.  http://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-application-process/search-trademark-database   I went to google search and Facebook search to see if each possible combo was already accounted for.

While this was a lot of fun. It was scary as well.  What if I picked a name that people disliked or the name did not reflect the passion for a new business.  It needed to say professional, fun, creative and also leave room for branding.  I ran each name by my panel of experts, in other words my husband, interns and Bff’s.

I started with the thought of using social solutions in the name.  I came up with Marketing Social Solutions.  But I felt that limited things to social and also was too much of a mouthful.  Then I came up with Buzz Well Media.  This one had a great sound and seemed to stick with me.  Yet some of the feedback I got was not good.  Some people thought it was too basic, but to me it made me think of a British secret security agency.  I could see this line of cocky bees in breast plates out to build stellar buzz.

Yet, I was still stalled on making the final choice. I ran around a few more ideas and kept going back and forth not being able to pull the trigger.  I realized that reason I could not choose had nothing to do with the quality of my choices and everything to do with my commitment to my journey.  Starting a business is a scary thing to do. I was making the decision to risk everything and dive in to my ideas.  I would be taking my family on this journey along with my supporters.  This decision would directly affect my family’s standard of living and our future chances to excel in this business world.

After a bunch more soul searching and as a few more things seemed to fall into place I had to make a choice.  I was toying with the name Freak Out Social Media, but I kept coming back to Buzz Well and my image of this snazzy secret security agent building buzz and taking names.    So Buzz Well Media was born.

I purchased the domain, hosting and started to sign up for social media accounts.  Buzz Well was ready to build Buzz.