PledgeI believe in story.  Many years ago I used the saying “Life is a journey not a destination”, as my tag line on my email account. Yes back in the day when people actually used email and even read all the way to the bottom.  lol.  I believe people want engagement and want community.  I want to share this exciting experience of starting a business I believe in, with a mission that is solid and makes people feel good.

My Pledge: I commit to you, the reader, that I will bring you the highs and lows of this process.I will attempt to make you laugh and even cry if the situation warrants it.  I will be honest and forthright without jeopardizing the success of Buzz Well Media.  I will build community and help people.

Does this sound a little off coming from a marketing firm? Most people see marketing as a necessary evil, as I did for many years.  The reality is that Marketing has the potential to run the range from good to evil,  and has the power to change the world.  At Buzz Well we commit to helping small independent companies who’s mission we believe in and who’s products and services we respect.  We will work to keep the flavor of independent businesses alive and prospering through helping them build their buzz.  We hope our efforts will change the world one step at a time.

This blog will consists of posts from all members of Buzz Well’s staff.  You will be taken on a journey through the labyrinth of a business Start-Up. We will share you our successes, discoveries and challenges. Feel free to comment and share your wisdom and help along the way.  Share these posts with your friends to spread our story and help others join in on the fun.  Welcome Aboard.